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Water Purification Treatment

The Happy Being Me Foundation: Power Of Pour

Strengthening our clients' through empowering actions and uplifting words then teaching them how to continue the process...

The Power Of Pour

Each program offered consists of

"The Pour"

  1. We pour in words of encouragement.

  2. We pour in actions of support.

  3. We pour in a listening ear.

  4. We pour in faith that our client can and will achieve their goals.

  5. Then we teach each individual how to pour into themselves...

Water Purification Treatment

Our Services

Happy Girls

I Love My Hair

Diversity Rocks!

During this inclusive segment children are educated about the beauty in all ethnicities, cultures, hair styles, and hair textures. They will be encouraged to identify their physical features
( ethnicity, hair texture, hair color, eye color, etc.) along with their classmates physical features then have a guided meaningful discussion about the beauty of diversity.

Superheros Of Christ

Youth programs provided in a safe and inclusive environment!

This program is taught by our very own superhero, Bible Girl! She arrives in her superhero gear and cape and provides capes and masks for the children to wear during the program. She teaches about the whole armor of God and speaks about Super powers in Christ!

Activities Offered:
Scripture reading
Arts & crafts
Interactive praise & worship
Face painting & more

Kids with Capes
no bully.jpg

We Say No To Bullying!

Bullying happens to people of all ages... We are here to help!

Bullying comes in all shapes and sizes... It can take place in your church, home, workplace, relationships, and schools... Adults experience bullying  as much as children. During our time together we address the behavior of the initiator and the receiver, the impact of particular actions, followed by strategies and solutions. All parties are treated with understanding, love, and compassion.

Let's begin the conversation and discuss how we can contribute to your organization!

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